Solidarity with the Al-Halak Family


We have not forgotten Iyad Al-Halak!  We demand justice and call for the findings of the investigation into his death to be publicized.


Iyad Al-Halak, a 32-year old man with special needs, was shot by the police on the morning of Saturday 30th May 2020, while on his way to the Elwyn Special Education school in the old city of Jerusalem.  Every morning, Iyad used to walk from his every morning from his home in the Wadi Joz neighborhood of Jerusalem to the school, where he worked as a gardener. Iyad wore a prominent identification badge around his neck, and everyone on his route knew him. Iyad was much loved by all those who had the privilege of knowing him.

We sign this letter to acknowledge the immense pain that his death has caused his parents, brothers and sisters and to share in their grief.  We are also concerned by the authorities’ investigation of this incident.  It has been nearly two months since Iyad was killed and yet the preliminary findings have not been shared with Iyad's parents or made public.  Furthermore, the authorities claim that there is no CCTV footage due to problems with the cameras in the area that morning.  The Al-Halak family deserves better!

Join us in Supporting the Al-Halak Family!

Join us in Supporting the Al-Halak Family!


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שלחו בוואטסאפ

“Tag Meir” (a “badge” of light) was founded in 2011 to counter the darkness of hate crimes, incitement and racism by advancing the values of tolerance, mutual understanding and respect for the Other.  Our work includes: showing solidarity with victims of hate crimes; advocating for harsher punishments for those who incite to hatred; engaging the Israeli public with the ramifications of hate crimes and racism; training teachers to educate towards tolerance values; empowering Tag Meir student activists on campuses across Israel.

We invite you to join us in the fight against racism and in building a more tolerant Israeli society.

Tag Meir’s mission is to combat all forms of racism, incitement and hate crimes in Israeli society and to advance the values of tolerance, mutual understanding and respect for the Other, as authentic, Jewish values.

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